If you’re worried about inflation, the upcoming recession, being betrayed by your employer, or just need additional income, then read on…

We’re an Initiative to Empower Independent Contractors, Entrepreneurs, Startups, and Small Businesses

STOP begging for a seat at the table, it’s time to make your own table!

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 Things Have Changed

Workers do not want to commit to conventional jobs that bring no satisfaction these days but still need to make a living.

In order to participate as a member of our network.

Workers will have to sign a W9 form and open a business bank account for payments that will be sent in the business name.

Employers don’t want to have employees sitting around doing nothing to keep costs down but need workers to keep the business running.

They will be able to pay more since the worker will be 1099 Contractors and will not have to deal with payroll taxes, overtime wages or workman’s comp.

Recession or Hiccup in the Economy

With the way the economy is headed, many people will soon be in financial trouble on many levels.

How bad things will get is yet to be determined but all indicators show troubling times ahead in many sectors.

A growing number of companies are rescinding job offers as the economy becomes more fragile, which is not a good sign.

The best way to prepare for an economic downturn is to provide value to the marketplace and have the ability to market your skills to the masses.

Make a Living on Your Terms

We’ve created The GIGWORK NETWORK Movement which is a part of a larger on-demand service marketplace in development now.

Being a part of this community will present opportunities to you that can be directed towards starting other revenue streams too.

This will allow you to be in a position to hire help that can include your friends and family if you desire.

Being A Business Owner Could Be Beneficial

As an independent contractor, taxes will not be withheld from your pay as a vendor.

You are responsible for keeping track of your income and reporting your income earned on your tax return while using the GIGWORK platform.

You may be subject to quarterly payment estimates and should discuss this with your tax advisor.

Even if you are a W-2 Employee, you should consider having a small business for tax purposes.

1099 Contractor VS W2 Employee Tax Benefits could be a big a deal for some.

Here is a video from a Licensed CPA that will help you understand why.

Our Network Partner Program Will You Help With











We operate on a performance-based business model,  meaning we only generate revenues when you do!

We charge the Employer



We’ll provide a Platform that allows you to 

Work For Yourself, Not By Yourself

The GIGWORK NETWORK Movement is a productivity platform where employers, independent workers, entrepreneurs, brands, and startups are able to build an internet presence and engage with a network of Technology & Marketing applications needed to thrive in today’s environment.

Small operators can’t compete with large conglomerates who have the resources available to obtain experts with special skill sets until now.

Staffing and Small Business operators trying to perform these tasks themselves are losing out.

Our marketplace is designed to generate more revenues and safety features with very little effort on your part.

Our on-demand service platform will work with any niche markets in any area of the USA.

Spend time working on, not in, your business

A common problem for many people starting a business is the belief that they can handle all of the start-up’s operations by themselves.

This way of thinking adds to the large percentage of fail rates in businesses succeeding past the 3 year mark.

While it may seem like a cost-effective way to run the business, it may not be a wise decision or the best use of your time.

Many small-business start-ups don’t require full-time employees, but it’s a good idea to have at least 3 teammates in your network; a marketing professional (so you can get money coming in as fast as possible), a lawyer, and an accountant ready to help.

With experienced, reliable assistance, you can avoid many common business mistakes and eliminate stress that eventually leads to burn-out.

Find Your Audience

Another common problem for new businesses is many try to hurry into marketing their business without knowing the target market and researching other market data.

The costs associated with effective marketing and advertising are expensive and must be consistent.

If a business doesn’t know who its target market is, then it will be a waste of money marketing to an audience that has no interest in your products or services.

Problem – Solution

The easiest path to success is to provide a solution to a problem, preferably something you are passionate about.

No matter what kind of business(s) you have in mind, learn more about the niche(s) before you get started.

YouTube can be a great resource for finding out more about your idea before you dive in. 


 Any type of venture requires a tremendous amount of time, commitment, and a strong will to succeed.

Add to this the financial stress of trying to get noticed in a noisy marketplace is part of the challenge.

If the stress of the new venture spreads into the home, it becomes difficult to keep your eye on the prize.

But, if you can navigate the waters, starting your own business can be the best thing you can ever do in your life.

After marketing for the corporate world in the past, we find it much more gratifying to help the little guy.

We Love to Partner with Individuals on a Mission!

Since 2009, We have worked with many Major Brands like


Grab Attention Quickly

Today’s consumer is lazy, in a hurry, and doesn’t like to read much…THEY SCAN!

On top of that, they are bombarded with over 3000 advertising messages daily that they don’t care anything about.

So without content that grabs attention right away, you aren’t getting the real value of online marketing today.

According to Facebook, people spend 1.7 seconds on a piece of content with a mobile device and 2.5 seconds on a desktop.

85% never turn on the audio, If your Media isn’t GRABBING ATTENTION immediately, you are wasting TIME and MONEY!

We’ll Help Build Your Brand

Some will want to build a personal brand and some are just content with make a living.

No matter what you are interested in doing, you will need content that grabs attention in a noisy marketplace.


We provide Brand Awareness Marketing campaigns with exposure to over 100,000+ organic followers.

Promoted Ad Campaigns reach Targeted Audiences interested in your product/service which can be in the millions.



Would you rather build a race car from scratch or have one already in the race?

We have the car, the fans and a whole pit crew waiting for you!






Our parent company is Media Ad Group | MAG

Some of the features below will be available when the web/mobile version of the APP is rolled out in the 4th quarter of 2022.

Until we officially launch our APP, our admins will provide the services manually.

social media admin

Social Media is where customers hang out. Sure, you can spam your Facebook page all day long but in reality less than 3% of your followers see your post without spending money on an ad campaign. BLN campaigns are designed to bring all of our members exposure.

content creation

No matter what type of product or service business you want to start, getting noticed in a noisy marketplace is crucial. We provide an in-house media center, MAG Media Factory that can help get you noticed and deliver your message.

Accurate Gig descriptions

Most bad reviews come from misunderstandings in the beginning. We provide live video chat that will help you determine if the job is the right fit before wasting time only to find out that it was not what you expected.

Escrow wallet

Scams come in all forms and activities. We provide a built in Escrow Service that can be funded upfront and monies can be dispersed in milestones. High Dollar Jobs can fund your account before the work starts.

Instant Video Chat

Save time and be more productive with one click communications utilizing our live video chat. Get a better understanding of who you are encountering before any type of relationship is established. 

Accidental Insurance

Accidents happen and you better have insurance when it does. We provide a $1,000,000 insurance policy to avoid undesirable situations. The policy also covers our GIGWork partners should you get hurt on the job.

business Insurance

We partnered with NEXT Insurance Company who can deliver you an affordable proof of insurance policy on your mobile device in under 30 minutes without contracts. Get a fast online quote HERE


BLN members are rewarded with a free healthcare subscription for the entire family (up to 7 members) just for a minimum of 15 hrs a week of activity and gives you access to a board certified medical professionals 24/7.


The GIGWORK Movement

Associate Program

This program works best for members who want to work for themselves yet still have a team to rely on in the background.

Times have changed!

Unlike some staffing companies that still live in the stone-age and require outrageous fees, we don’t.

GIGWORK only makes a small per-hour fee that is performance-based, in other words, we only make money when you do!

We charge a small flat fee of $5.55 (minimum of 60 hours a month to cover cost)

That include

Admin Services: Answering Inquires, Payroll, and Personal Branding content.

Online Assets: a profile page on the platform and monthly content for Social Media posting.

1 – Accidental Insurance

2 – Healthcare Subscription

3 – Social Media Studio

4 – On-Demand Payroll

For an additionl $4 per hour, we include 

Marketing Campaigns: YouTube. TikTok channel, Facebook page. Instagram account an other

15-second video ads, HD Images specifically for Ad campaigns

The ad campaigns will be performed according to the amount of revenue generated from the staffing side to generate more business.

Think of this opportunity as you now have a professional ad agency work for you!

Partner Program

This program is for people with leadership skills who want to run their own business without the issues of keeping up with the marketing side of things.

Our Partner program consists of a complete BDC (Business Development Center) that will keep your business thriving in your desired area.

Our partner program allows you to open a GIGWORK Chapter in your area or, you can start a new brand and call it whatever you like as a customized project. 

You will pay for the ad spend, we will create the content and run the ad campaigns, we are compensated on revenues. 

Your duties will be everything an owner will have to deal with including recruiting and overseeing your team.

There is a generous 50/50 net revenue split on our partner program and all you have to do is sell and provide support to your tribe, we take care of everything else besides ad spend that is deducted from revenues every month.

For specialized niches that require customized assets.

We’ll develop custom assets for specialized niches for a minimal cost.

This is usually in the neighborhood of $5000.00 for a high-end website with a job board, ad copy, and a members area.

The website is indexed to rank on a local level for longtail keyword phrases and Google maps.

This includes content creation for ads, video commercials, and admin services to generate the ad campaigns on the desired social media platforms.

Affiliate Program

This program is mainly for part-time members. Unlike most affiliate programs that only pays a one-time fee for getting a new customer, our affiliate program builds a real business for our affiliates that pays as long as you are an active part of our movement.

Our affiliate program provides a 5% ongoing commission schedule as long as you stay active by sending traffic to our site. You can make this as big as you would like as there are no cap on earnings.

Become A Part of OUR NETWORK

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You will be receiving a call from us for verification purposes so please answer or call us back promptly.

Approval on our platform is a privilege that will help you with where you want to go, so take advantage of it.

We will not be chasing you down trying to get you onboard!

Standard Requirements

Ability to pass a Federal, State, and Parish/County Background Check

Possible Drug Testing (depending on employer)

Valid Driver’s License (when applicable)

GIGWORK Movement Application

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