Safety Features

Our Safety Features

Safety First

We believe in providing a safe and secure marketplace for everyone.

We added extra layers of protection with video chat, professional background checks, and other levels of safety including escrow services to keep you from getting caught up in an undesirable situation.

Crime Has Found a New Horizon


crime is everywhere

Crime is no longer just in the real world.  From phishing to emptying personal online wallets, crime is very common among the internet and it’s only getting worse.


Digital crime is no joke

We take extra precautions including the implementations of escrow services, insurance, and multiple ways to communicate instantly utilizing Live video chat, voice, and text to help eliminate undesireable situations.

Safety Features

Because you can’tbe too careful today!

Escrow Wallet

Eliminate many no-shows when they can see funds are available when they get the job done and what exactly the job consists of.

Funds Delivered in Milestones

The ability to release payments through the wallet integrated into the payment gateway. We are able to set up milestones where payments are released as the work is underway or fully completed.

Live Video Chat

Meet people online with a professional video chat tool first before wasting time.

Background Checks

Before anyone is allowed to post on this platform, we not only verify their contact information but they are vetted.

Accidental Insurance

Whether you are a GIGWorker or looking to hire, accidents happen.

Business Insurance

We partnered with NEXT Insurance Company who can deliver you an affordable proof of insurance policy on your mobile device in under 30 minutes without contracts. Get a fast online quote HERE

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