Staffing Options

1 – We provide unique campaigns to find the right candidates for your business with a one-time direct hire fee. We provide a 10 day replacement guarantee.

2 – Our commission-structured Partner Program provides 1099 Independent Contractors and a BDC (Business Development Center) to help scale your operation.

Our Partner Program provides your Staffing, Marketing, and Perks so you can work ON your business, not IN it.



Posting text ads on major job boards isn’t as effective as it once was.

This path usually ends up running the job seeker insane from a barage of job boards/job search engines, reposting the content to make commissons or ad revenues.

More often than not, the end result usually being a phishing site which just leads to spam and other issues.

Even the job seeker isn’t the same as they once were not very long ago.

They end up being directed to so many fake jobs that many become numb to real online job alerts.

We provide dedicated marketing campaigns for reaching candidates in other ways.

Our process targets specific talent across social media and search engines with creative content that grabs attention.

We only deliver verified select candidates!

Video interviews are also available to eliminate time wasters. 



We don’t waste time posting on just the main job boards like everyone else.

We use targeted ad campaigns with attention-grabbing content on various social media platforms, search engines, and select job boards for recruitment.

For conventional staffing where we just hand off the applicant as an employee.

We charge a one-time commission fee between 10-50% (depending on the position) of the annual salary.

There is also a 10-day guarantee that includes free replacement if the worker quits or gets terminated.

With our Partner Program, we provide 1099 Independent Contractors and charge a small commission per hour that includes PERKS.

We offer 2 options, one just for staffing and the other with integrated marketing to increase business.

This program may be a better solution for small businesses since it provides a Business Development Center.

We provide tasks will help many areas of your operations so we can all flourish.



The work environment has changed with “The Stay At Home” period and so did the workforce.

We live in an incentive-driven society with people who require respect and recognition along with more freedom.

Not only do we provide PERKS to keep the workers happy and reduce turn over, but we also help them start the journey as an independent contractor.

We believe that having a pool of GIGWORKERS that can be called on when you need them versus employees that are holding you hostage with constant demands and personal conflicts is a much better scenario.



GIGWORK NETWORK is a productivity platform where employers, temporary/permanent workers, entrepreneurs, brands, and startups are able to build/scale a business and engage with Technology & Marketing applications that we provide.

Trying to find people with certain skill-sets for specific tasks (especially marketing) can certainly be a challenge.

We eliminate that stress with proven processes we use daily.

We also help reduce turnover rates with rewards/incentives.

Our marketplace will also help with

Time Management

Fraud and Scam Prevention

Worker Retention


Our network also provides local, regional, and national marketing campaigns for our clients.

No matter what type of business you’re in, you need new clients these days to keep the doors open.

If your business is selling products or services in a local area, to get customers to take action, you need a compelling offer!

Business to Consumer

Business to Business


In order to run profitable ad campaigns, you must first know who is your online audience and how to reach them efficiently. 

Next, think of an irresistible offer that will get new and existing customers to take action.

Think like a consumer,  what would make you want to visit your business if you were on the other side of the fence?

In the current economic environment, getting the customer in the door needs to be top priority




One of the major cost associated with living in the world today is the cost of Healthcare.

After scouring the internet for options to this issue, we have decided to include a Healthcare subscription for our members. 

Telemedicine is making traditional doctor visits obsolete with no healthcare premiums, no copays, and no deductibles.

Healthcare memberships sometimes called Healthcare MSOs (Management Services Organization) are becoming very popular and it’s easy to see why.

You will connect with a REAL Doctor when and where you want through our virtual visits (video chat, messaging, or voice).

Your Healthcare Membership includes your entire household (up to 7 people) and works with or without insurance.

As a member of the Network, 15 hours of activity a week is all that’s required to get free access.

Once you reach your first 15-hour mark,  we will send you a link to upload your information to enroll.

We also provide a $1,000,000.00 commercial insurance policy for our Active Members.


1 – We offer direct-hire staffing where we just hand off the applicant for a one-time fee as an employee for your business.

Our commission rate is between 10-50% of the annual salary depending on the requirements of the request.  We also provide a no questions asked 10 Day guarantee on new placements.

2 – Businesses can join our commission-structured Partner Program that provides 1099 Independent Contractors and marketing services from our own agency.

We provide Perks to reduce the constant turnover rates many industries are faced with today. 

Tier 1: Workers are considered entry-level

Tier 2: Workers are considered professional-level

Tier 3: Workers are considered management-level 


We provide a seamless marketing and brand building integration to our staffing program since having staff without customers won’t do much good.

Depending on your type of business, we can provide targeted ad campaigns for local retailers to promoting a brand on a Global level.

1- Hourly Fee For Tier 1 Workers with Targeted Ad Campaigns are 9.55 per hour.  

2- Hourly Fee For Tier 1 Workers without Marketing Campaigns is 5.55 per hour.

Both Partner Programs include

24/7 Healthcare Subscription

$1 Million Liability Policy For Workers

Partner Program (Extended Version)

Partner Program 

Our role as a partner is to take the burden off of hiring staff, and marketing your business.

Times are tough for many these days, and small business operators are no exception. 

According to several financial experts, one being Rich Dad, Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki (who is actually credible), times are going to get tougher in 2023 and beyond, lasting for several years (as history dictates this from the past). 

Now is the right time to offer an alternative to conventional hiring practices and to provide access to much-needed marketing help for small businesses as a seamless package. 

No matter what the economic temperature is, staffing and marketing will always be needed for almost any type of “legal” business to survive.

Our business model will help solve staffing issues by keeping workers engaged in showing up for duty on several levels. 

With that issue resolved comes the next problem to address, how will small businesses that are already bruised and battered from the pandemic survive with a good chance of a severe recession on the horizon? 

While there is no easy fix since there are several issues to deal with, one thing is for sure, if a small business was able to market better than its competitors, it would definitely have a big advantage going forward. 

Our program provides professional ad agency services for retail/hospitality/service businesses at huge discounted rates when using our staffing services. 

People want to work on their own terms.

First, let’s address the staffing issues in today’s landscape. It’s no secret that businesses of all sizes can’t keep employees stabilized these days, and from many indicators, it’s not going to get better anytime soon. 

The post-pandemic era coined several phrases like “The Great Resignation” and “Quiet Quitting” that really just meant one thing, “workers were quitting their jobs by the droves”. 

While it affected organizations in almost every industry, the only thing that really matters now is that they are back at work and can’t make ends meet, add to that the inflation, supply chain, and other issues and it’s no wonder today’s workforce is a mess. 

Remember, In the thick of things, having to go back to work today in the first place has disrupted the free vacation they were on during the pandemic, so maybe that’s where the “entitlement” card comes into play for many.

Workers today are not committed to conventional jobs as they were in the past but still need to make a living. they are burnt out from being on the hunt for jobs that pay more. 

Many jumped ship from their previous careers only to find that “better opportunity” wasn’t a good move after all.

What business owners, HR managers, and recruiters need to understand is that most people want to work on their own terms for the most part. Sure, money is an essential factor, but so are freedom and recognition.

The mindset of the workforce had started to change even before the pandemic. So that event really just added fuel to the fire.

According to Mastercard, the number of global gig workers is expected to rise from 43 million back in 2018 to 78 million in 2023. The link to the actual article is at the bottom of this document.

Some workers show up but aren’t really there.

It’s nearly impossible to keep the doors open with employees who arrive with negative attitudes and are there just for a paycheck, which usually comes with constant issues as well. 

This type of situation is not sustainable for keeping a small operation productive and is toxic for the entire staff, not to mention the customers as well. 

The small operator has no choice but to keep trying to find alternatives to keep the business operating or they will eventually have to close permanently as many already have. 

With all the other issues the small business owner has to deal with today, getting help shouldn’t be a factor in throwing in the towel and shutting down permanently.

Sadly, many small businesses are already closed, the owners just haven’t received the memo yet. 

Businesses are being held, hostage.

Our program provides solutions for the business to have a small pool of GIG Workers that can be called upon when needed versus a few employees that keep the business held hostage. 

The ones that do a good job and are a good fit can stay in the pool for the long haul. For the ones that don’t pan out, it’s not a big deal to replace them quickly just by letting us know and they will be removed from the roster. 

Onboarding Tutorials

Additionally, business members on our Network can choose to opt-in with onboarding tutorials to help with time management. This will have new GIG Workers pre-trained when they come in for a shift on the fly.

The establishment can record onboarding content on any handheld device (detailed instructions on how to do this properly will be provided) so staff members don’t have to go over the rigorous role of training new personnel over and over. 

We will edit the raw footage and produce short professional presentations, then upload the content on our servers with access that is password protected.

How are we finding staff?

We have developed the initial stages of a network that provides better pay, more freedom, and multiple perks to keep workers engaged more than a typical job would. 

We provide opportunities (companies needing help) along with solutions (GIG Workers offering services) through online marketing processes that we have been using for the past 13 years. We utilize this process for both GIG workers and employers.

We don’t waste time posting on just the main job boards (Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Monster, etc.) like it’s still 2016 since the results are just no longer favorable for entry/mid-level positions.  The applicants are just going to a database that hardly anyone actually looks at anymore. 

This was obvious when talking to many qualified applicants in the past few months that never heard back from anyone after applying for countless positions.

We actually set up job alerts for testing purposes.

The next thing you know a bunch of so-called “Job Search Engines” are scraping the post trying to get paid for clicks and obtain ad revenues by sending visitors to their website, we know this for a fact since they are using the exact same listings derived from these main Job Boards. 

It is unbelievable the number of job alerts we get from different platforms each offering the same positions after we signed up for only a few “Job Alerts” on one platform. These job boards are sharing the visitor’s information with each other and creating spam activities without question.

So instead, we mainly use ad campaigns with creative content on social media and real search engines targeting small business owners and HR departments that are hiring right away. 

We’ll provide them with a shortlist of pre-qualified, vetted candidates that would possibly be a good fit rather than a huge selection of random applicants that the majority are just fake or not quality applicants in the first place. 

The online staffing industry is filled with scammers (like every other industry these days) and questionable applicants which is one of the reasons why interviewing applicants that are a no-show is common practice today. 

We believe in providing a safe and secure marketplace for everyone so we actually interview candidates initially with a phone call and have them fill out our onboarding form for additional verification before we even consider them as an applicant on our network. 

Once we get the information we need to check references and receive enough info to run a professional background check when needed, then we’ll present the applicant to the potential employer once the agreements are in place.

We also suggest utilizing video chat initially to eliminate time wasters for the interviewer and speed up the hiring process. This service will be available on the GIGWORK NETWORK platform.

It’s important to make sure they connect on a personal level instead of waiting for someone to show up only to realize they aren’t considered to be a good fit in the first place. 

For example, if you need someone to help out at a clinic, a teardrop tattoo on their face wouldn’t be acceptable in that environment. Our network was designed to help, not create more problems.

Saving resources is critical, especially now!

Employers can’t afford to have employees sitting around doing nothing these days. It is difficult to keep costs down during off-peak times because they need workers to keep the business running. 

If they try to cut back on hours with the employee, that usually doesn’t end well, so they are in a catch-22 situation. 

We have a solution for this.

The key to keeping the workers happier is by giving them more take-home pay along with fewer demands these days. 

As independent contractors, taxes will not be withheld from their pay.

In order for potential candidates to participate as vendors on our network, they are responsible for keeping track of their income and reporting the money earned on their tax returns while using the GIGWORK platform. 

This is a requirement to be considered an Independent Contractor/business entity and for additional tax advantages as a home-based business. 

We have a link at the bottom of the page called GIGWORK NETWORK MOVEMENT for more info.

The workers will be classified and compensated as 1099 Independent Contractors or “GIGWorker” like Uber drivers and Door Dashers. 

The business entity will be able to pay more with reduced costs and will not have to deal with payroll taxes, overtime wages, or workman’s comp insurance yet still be in compliance with local, state, and federal laws since the GIG Workers are working as freelancers. 

The business is simply funding an account and we will be paying the Independent Contractors from GIGWORK NETWORK LLC.

All we need from the business is a pre-authorized credit card. Through the use of modern technology, we have another way to keep the workers paid without using a Credit Card.

We have a wallet system on our platform that can be preloaded weekly and only be used to fund another member’s wallet on the platform, this allows a checking account to add funds. An itemized invoice for the charges will be sent as charges occur.

Paying more per hour will actually help the bottom line.

In day-to-day operations, the shifts could be split between two workers which would allow the workers to have other GIGS if they desire. Part-time shifts are sometimes important to keep workers feeling less confined.  

Example: An entry-level GIG worker may be compensated $12.00 per hour for 4-5 hrs during the 1st shift versus $9.75 for a full 12 hours (where they might last only a few weeks and they’re gone). 

Same with the evening shift, GIG worker 2 comes in for 4-5 hours in the evening and is not burned out from hanging around all day. 

Besides saving the business several hours of payroll during slow periods, especially in the restaurant industry, more productivity and better attitudes will also be realized with split shifts. 

This also benefits the entire operation with a better work environment for the whole staff. But, there is more!

Paying more for workers actually makes more money….Wait, What?

Let’s say the establishment is paying $21.55 per hour for the GIG Worker with $9.55 of that going to GIGWORK NETWORK as a staffing/marketing fee. 

The hourly wage may seem on the high side on the surface but actually, that amount is not only paying the entry-level staff member $12.00 which is a great motivator to keep the worker interested in sticking around, but it also includes admin services, marketing and running targeted ad campaigns for the business to an audience interested in their specific product or service.

This eliminates the need for seeking someone with these skill-sets and paying dearly to promote the business so actually saves the business money!

With that being said, a portion of the hourly wage is allocated towards paid ad campaigns promoting the business 24/7.

Here is how the breakdown works out.

With the $4.55 going back directly to Perks for the worker and the business, it’s a Win-Win for both parties. 

The $0.55 is the allotment for the Independent Contractor to have a $1,000,000 accidental and liability insurance policy and a healthcare membership for them and their family.

Healthcare Memberships sometimes called Healthcare MSOs (Management Services Organization) are becoming very popular and it’s easy to see why. 

The subscriber can connect with a REAL Doctor when and where they want through virtual visits. 

The Healthcare Membership Includes their entire household (up to 7 people) at no additional cost and works with or without insurance. So with No Per Visit Fees, No Co-Pays, or No Deductibles, it’s a huge benefit for the independent contractor. 

With that comes HUGE Savings on Prescriptions and Lab Work at up to 90% off.

As for the benefit to the business. (marketing for our clients requires a 25-hour weekly activity minimum) 

This is a PERK to keep the business engaged in our staffing program and they will want to continue to use our service because we are providing massive value to their overall operation.

$2.00 hr is allocated for the ad spend used to run targeted ad campaigns for the business. As a member of GIGWORK NETWORK, the marketing services come from our own Video Production and Digital Marketing firm, Media Ad Group | MAG, which is our main entity that started in 2009. The business is now getting the services of a professional ad agency to help them compete in its local area.

The other $2.00 hr contributes to the admin cost to run and manage the campaigns, create content, and generate sales copy for the ads. Since that amount is well below the low side, we absorb the additional cost to administer this process on our end. 

This co-op model is based on providing these tasks for a pool of companies all headed in the same direction with dedicated social media marketers, graphic designers, and copywriters.  

The ad campaign fund for the account is activated after the 2nd billing cycle and the targeted ad campaigns on social media platforms will cover a 25-mile radius of the actual location to get in front of local customers.

The paid ad campaigns will be performed according to the amount of revenue generated from the staffing side. The more they spend on staffing with us, the bigger the kitty gets for running ad campaigns hence more potential customers see the ads.

The business can always add more funding to the ad campaigns without encountering additional costs as long as we have active staff members working there on a regular basis.

Disclaimer: We require a minimum of just 25 hours a week for a business to participate in the marketing program for enough ad spend to be built up in the account for marketing results to be realized. The marketing program offer is only valid with our staffing services since the pricing is such a discounted rate. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Our in-house media center.

We provide headlines, subtitles, and ad copy along with a minimum of (2) HD images and (2) 15-second videos every month.

These assets are used for posting and promoting the business on certain Social Media platforms and other areas of the internet according to research. 

Example: Trying to reach a younger audience on Facebook would be a total waste of resources. Younger audiences that would be a good fit for a product or service would be hanging out on TikTok or Instagram, not Facebook.

The key is to keep the business happy with marketing performance which is what we have years of experience at. Below is an example of the assets we’ll provide.

Static Image Version

Video Version 

We generate targeted ad campaigns to help the business bring in more revenues. 

It is HIGHLY recommended to run some sort of special offer to get customers to take action. 

With some types of businesses like home health and insurance companies that don’t offer deals, massive brand exposure will be obtained.

Not only do we provide this service for the business owners, but for the independent Contractor as well. After all, they need some personal branding too (people want recognition these days).

24/7 Telemedicine Healthcare subscription for the Independent Contractors.

Our Staffing Options

1 –Businesses can join our commission-structured Partner Program that provides 1099 Independent Contractors that have Perks to reduce the constant turnover rates many industries are faced with today. 

A) Staffing For Entry-Level Workers with Marketing Campaigns 9.55 per hour above the hourly wage.

B) Staffing For Entry-Level Workers without Marketing Campaigns 5.55 per hour above the hourly wage.

2 – We provide conventional staffing where we just hand off the applicant for a one-time fee as an employee for your business. Our commission rate is between 10-50 % of the annual salary depending on the requirements of the request with a 30-day guarantee.


Times Are Changing Fast

Interesting Facts on the Gig Economy

According to the website, the majority of workers are attempting to start businesses rather than going back to traditional employment after the pandemic.

36% of the entire US working population is into the gig economy based on their primary or secondary jobs.

29% of US workers have an alternate job to support themselves, which falls into the gig economy.

63% of full-time employees have expressed their desire to enter the gig economy to work independently.

More than 75% of gig workers have stated that they are happy with their current freelance working style and plan to stay that way.

Close to 37% of independent gig workers are between the age group of 21 to 38 years.

It’s predicted that within the next five years, more than 50% of the US adult workforce will be a part of the independent gig economy.

As per recent reports, the gig economy is expanding three times faster than the entire US workforce as a whole.

GIGWORK Chapters (Coming Soon)

GIGWORK NETWORK CHAPTERS Coming Soon- A unique program that can be scaled

We’ll offer Chapters throughout the USA that will align with a Franchise but without the high entry cost. The revenue share would be beneficial to both parties at a 50/50 split with 50% of the total revenue coming to us for our ongoing services.

GIGWORK NETWORK Chapters are considered independent small business entities where you have the option of using your own Brand. If you want to be a part of our movement, below is what we recommend.

  • Each Chapter whether you use your own business name or a GIGWORK NETWORK vanity name (example: is required to be in compliance with local permits, licenses, and EIN numbers).
  • You will need a Business Bank account for payments that will be sent in the business name.
  • GIGWORK NETWORK Independent contractors are paid a minimum of $12 per hour (low-level entry positions) if they are accepted into our network and will receive our Perks.
    More Information Coming Soon.
Healthcare Subscription Information

To help prevent unnecessary trips to the doctor, our members can connect to board-certified medical professionals in minutes on any device (Live Video Chat, Text, Voice Call) without using insurance.

Connecting to medical professionals is unlimited, connecting to mental health professionals is limited to 3 clinical hrs per year.

We keep it completely FREE for our members, all we ask is to be active on the GIGWORK Marketplace for a minimum of 15 hrs a week!

Medical • Dermatology • Mental Health

Includes: Discounted Prescriptions – Lab and Bloodwork

24/7 Access to Board Certified Medical Professionals

Reduce your healthcare costs with our FREE subscription

Save up to 90% on Prescriptions and Lab Work

Quick access to around-the-clock urgent care from home, work, or anywhere, even while traveling

No more unnecessary trips to the doctor’s office or sitting in a waiting room for hours

The only true subscription-based membership healthcare system

Use for a second opinion

No Per Visit Fees. No Co-Pays. No Deductibles.

Commercial Insurance

Commercial Insurance

What’s covered:

  • Damage to someone else’s property (including employee theft)
  • Bodily injury and related medical expenses incurred by someone outside your organization
  • Personal injury (e.g., libel or slander)

Limits and deductibles selected

  • General liability: $1,000,000 each occurrence 
  • Business personal property: $1,000,000

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