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A business start-up requires a tremendous time commitment and a strong will.

Add to this the financial stress of trying to start a business in a noisey marketplace adds to the challenge.

New business owners often have problems balancing the overwhelming demands of starting a business.

If the stress of the new venture spreads into the home, it becomes difficult to keep your eye on the prize.

With that being said, if you can navigate the waters, starting your own business can be the best thing you can ever do in your life.

We’re an Initiative to Help Startups Move Forward and Existing Small Businesses Get Back on Track.

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Trying To Do It Alone

A common problem for most entrepreneurs is the belief that they can handle all of the start-up’s operations by themselves.

While it may seem like a cost-effective way to run the business, it may not be a wise decision or the best use of your time.

Many small-business start-ups don’t require full-time employees, but it’s a good idea to have at least 3 teammates; a marketing professional (so you can get money coming in as fast as possible), a lawyer, and an accountant ready to help.

With experienced, reliable assistance, you can avoid many common business mistakes.

It is important to get innovative with technology and create engaging content to get a buzz started about your brand.

In today’s landscape, the average consumer requires at least 7 touchpoints before taking action on a product or service so keep that in mind if you don’t generate sales right out the gate.

It doesn’t matter how passionate you are about something, you will lose interest if it doesn’t make you money.

We are here to Help You!

Problem – Solution

Focus On A Niche

The easiest path to success is to provide a solution to a problem perferably something you are passionate about.

No matter what kind of business you have in mind, YouTube can be a great resource for finding out more about your idea before you dive in. 


Find Your Audience

A common problem for new businesses is many try to hurry into marketing their business without knowing the target market and researching other market data.

The costs associated with effective marketing and advertising is expensive.

If a business does not know who its target market is, then it will be a waste of money to start ad campaigns targeted to an audience that has no interest in your product or service.

WHAT we do for you!

Our Partner Program

We provide a business development center for our partners

Trying to climb a mountain alone today is a waste of time.

We provide an array of tools, services and rewards for our partners.

We have 13 years of experience in website development, video production, along with targeted ad campaigns

reaching customers that matter to your specific product or service.

Since 2009, We have worked with many Major Brands like

Business Development Center

We already have solutions that are problematic in the GIG Economy based on research.

content creation

No matter what type of product or service business you want to start, getting noticed in a noisey marketplace is crucial. We provide an inhouse media center that can help get you noticed and deliver your message.

social media admin

Social Media is where customers hang out. Sure, you can spam your Facebook page all day long but in reality less than 3% of your followers see your post without spending money on an ad campaign.

disaster help network

When a Disaster stikes, it is all too common that scam artists crawl out from under rocks and rip people off. We provide the tools that help eliminate issues for the public as well as the contractors. 

Accurate Gig descriptions

Most bad reviews come from misunderstandings in the beginning. We provide live video chat that will help you determine if the job is the right fit before wasting time only to find out that it was not what you expected.

Escrow wallet

Scams come in all forms and activities. We provide a built in Escrow Service that can be funded upfront and monies can be dispersed in milestones. High Dollar Jobs can fund your account before the work starts.

Instant Video Chat

Save time and be more productive with one click communications utilizing our live video chat. Get a better understanding of who you are encountering before any type of relationship is established. 

Accidental Insurance

Accidents happen and you better have insurance when it does. We provide a $20,000 insurance policy to avoid undesirable situations. The policy also covers our GIGWork partners should you get hurt on the job.


BLN provides a Free Members area to connect with vetted help for a variety of tasks to Make Life Easier. We also offer a Premium Service that includes a Telemedicine Membership where you can connect with board-certified doctors quickly.

business Insurance

We partnered with NEXT Insurance Company who can deliver you an affordable proof of insurance policy on your mobile device in under 30 minutes without contracts. Get a fast online quote HERE


GIGWork members are rewarded with a free healthcare subscription for the entire family (up to 7 members) just for a minimum of 15 hrs a week of activity and gives you access to a board certified medical professionals 24/7.

In-House Media Center

No matter what you are interested in doing, you will need content creation along with targeted ad campaigns to find the right audience.

Reward Program

Free Healthcare Subscription

Our Rewards program includes a Free Telemedicine Healthcare subscription with only 15 hrs of activity per week for you and your whole family.

We’re Making Traditional Doctor Visits Obsolete with No Healthcare Premiums, No Copays and No Deductibles

Healthcare Memberships sometimes called Healthcare MSOs (Management Services Organization) are becoming very popular and it’s easy to see why. 

You will connect with a REAL Doctor when and where you want through our virtual visits. 

Your Healthcare Membership Includes your entire household (up to 7 people) at no additional cost and works with or without insurance.

Click to enlarge

Come for the Prescription.

Stay for the Healthcare.

  • Reduce your healthcare costs with our fixed price monthly subscription

  • Quick access to around-the-clock urgent care from home, work, or anywhere, even while traveling
  • No more unnecessary trips to the doctor’s office

  • The only true subscription-based membership healthcare system

Save up to 90% on Lab Tests and No Doctor’s Office Visit Needed

Save up to 90% on Lab Tests and No Doctor's Office Visit Needed

Here’s another excellent Benefit of a GIGWork Membership. Order blood tests and lab tests online and take charge of your health care and wallet! We have over 2,100 Service Centers Nationwide (we currently do not serve NY, NJ, and RI)

Medical with Prescriptions | Dermatology with Prescriptions

Common Visit Reasons: Allergies, Common cold, Constipation. Cough, Diarrhea, Ear Problems, Fever, Flu, Headache, Insect Bites, Nausea, Pink Eye, Rash, Respiratory Problems, Sore Throat, UTI, Vomiting and more…Available today for patients in all 50 states and Puerto Rico

2000 Doctor Consults Completed per Day

Our doctors are ready when you are. 24/7 anywhere, anytime.

75% of People say they prefer Telehealth and Telemedicine over traditional doctor office visits,

even the CDC says “Use Telehealth to Expand Access to Essential Health Services”

4.5 Minute Average Wait Time

I want it now. We live in a modern world where convenience and saving time is at the top of the list.  We don’t make you wait for quality care.

Our doctors are the same doctors you would see for Primary Care, Urgent Care, and even in the Emergency Room.

98% Customer Satisfaction

We’re not perfect, but we’re getting there. 98% of our customers say they were satisfied with our service and would recommend our service to family and friends.

Survey: 67% of our customers say they would have gone to an ER if they didn’t have access to Telemedicine.

97% Resolution on First Call. One Call That's All

When you want to see a doctor, you want three things:

  1. Diagnosis (what’s wrong),
  2. Plan of Care (what should I do)
  3. Prescription if needed

Our doctors can do that.

 Here’s a Small Sample of things We Treat Immediately

• Abdominal Pain/Cramps • Abscess • Acid Reflux • Allergies • Animal/Insect Bite • Arthritis• Asthma • Backache • Blood Pressure • Bronchitis • Bowel/Digestive Issues • Cellulitis • Cold • Constipation • Cough • Croup • Diarrhea • Dizziness • Eye Infection/Irritation • Fever • Flu • Gas • Gout • Headache/Migraine • Herpes • Joint Pain/Swelling • Laryngitis • Nausea and Vomiting • Pink Eye • Poison Ivy/Oak • Rash • Respiratory Infection • Sinusitis • Skin Injury • Sore Throat • Sprains & Strains • Strep • Tonsillitis • UTI • Vaginal/Menstrual Issues • Yeast Infection

Respiratory Problems, Sore Throat, UTI, Vomiting and more…

Available today for patients in all 50 states and Puerto Rico


Our Processes & Procedures

- Include -

Both Employers and Applicants are Verified

All Applicants Must Have A Current Background Check

We Also Interview Candidates and Check References

We Provide the Best Matches Manually From Our Staff For The Best Experiences

Free Branding and Marketing

Many Safety and Security Features For Our Members

Funding Wallet so you Never Give Access to Your Banking or Credit Card Information to Anyone

Free Telemedicine Subscription For A Minimum of 15 Hours Per Week

All GIGWORKERS Are Considered 1099 Independent Contractors NOT Employees

Insurance For Members

Accounting Records

Live Support

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